Meet Jeff

New Jersey’s Trump-Endorsed Conservative Congressman Jeff Van Drew

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew made history in December 2019 when, after leading the charge to DEFEAT House Democrats’ sham impeachment against President Trump, he joined the President in the Oval Office to announce his decision to become a Republican. In announcing his party change, Van Drew cited the Democrat Party’s embrace of Socialism and the Radical Left, and in doing so, he became the first Congressman in American history to leave the majority party and join the minority party in the United States House of Representatives.

When President Trump traveled to South Jersey a few weeks later for one of his signature campaign rallies with Van Drew it was the first time in more than a century that a sitting President had visited Cape May County. The Trump – Van Drew Wildwood Rally that still holds the record for the most rally tickets ever requested at more than 165,000. 

Van Drew would go one to make history once again in November of 2020 by becoming the first Republican ever to defeat a member of the Kennedy family for Congress after receiving more votes than any previous candidate in the history of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. Van Drew’s victory ended the family’s tenure in Washington for the first time since President John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress immediately following World War 2. 

Van Drew continues to distinguish himself as New Jersey’s Trump-Endorsed Conservative Congressman for having the courage to stand strong in support of President Trump and his America First legacy. 

While Biden, Pelosi, and the Socialist Squad continue to push Radical policies like the Green New Deal and Defunding the Police, Congressman Van Drew has been fighting back and speaking out loudly and proudly in defense of the America we know and love. Congressman Van Drew has repeatedly voted to DEFEND our 2nd Amendment, PROTECT unborn children, and AGAINST vaccine mandates, passports, and tracking databases, AGAINST raising the debt ceiling and budgeting via continuing resolution, and AGAINST the massive tax increases and social spending in Biden’s so called “Build Back Better” agenda.  

On December 16, 2021, President Trump hosted a fundraiser for Van Drew at Mar-a-Lago in Florida where he once again offered Van Drew his “total and complete endorsement” and added that he is with him “all the way.” 

Congressman Van Drew is running for re-election to continue the fight for A STRONG AMERICA and A STRONG SOUTH JERSEY in the United States Congress. 

Van Drew is a dentist having run his own practice for more than 35 years before retiring upon his election to Congress. Dr. Van Drew previously served as a State Senator, State Assemblyman, and Freeholder in Cape May County as well as Mayor, Township Committeeman, and a Fire Commissioner in his hometown of Dennis Township. He is married with two children, two grandchildren, and two German shepherds.