May 12, 2022 — Congressman Van Drew expressed his grave concerns about reports of a diesel¬†shortage across the East Coast, specifically affecting New Jersey, that will lead to truck drivers having to ration their fuel. Not only is our nation faced with a diesel shortage, but families across the country are desperate trying to find baby formula.¬†

“The implications that will come from this diesel shortage will be catastrophic,” said Congressman Van Drew. “President Biden came into office on day one and destroyed America’s energy independence. When President Trump was in office, he made sure that America was #1 in energy production, and now we have fallen behind because of this Administration’s anti-energy policies that are turning us into a third world country. We must open our pipelines, we must approve leases so oil companies can drill, we must reclaim energy independence. This diesel shortage will severely affect truck drivers’ ability to transport critical goods and resources, at a time where shelves are already baren.”

“Americans should never worry about having to ration baby formula in order for their child’s survival,” added Congressman Van Drew. “Shelves in New Jersey are empty, shelves across America are empty, and our President has expressed zero plan to ensure that Americans are able to feed their babies and put food on the table. This is serious. This is a crisis. One of our most vulnerable populations are being inexcusably harmed by President Biden and his failures since he took office. President Biden had notice months in advance to come up with an effective plan to combat this shortage, and just like every other issue, he has been leading from behind.”