Congressman Van Drew Votes NO on the Democrats’ “Competes” Act

February 4, 2022 — Congressman Van Drew voted NO on House Democrats attempt to push through an almost 3,000 page and $325 billion bill that would directly benefit the Chinese Communist Party. As currently written, this bill will not have America competing with China, instead America will be conceding to China. 

“Time and time again, Democrats will hijack a bipartisan issue and stuff a bill with far-left wish-list items,” said Congressman Van Drew. “This is just another example. We have an opportunity to bolster American manufacturing and supply chains to remain technologically and militarily ahead of China. Instead, we are given 3,000 pages of partisan nonsense that will adversely affect America and hands China even more leverage on the world stage.”

“Instead of focusing on bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America, we are expanding visa access for Chinese Communist Party academics, when Chinese Intellectual Property (IP) theft has cost America billions a year,” added Congressman Van Drew. “Instead of increasing military funding to prepare for the international threat China poses on our allies, Democrats are shifting their focus to ‘climate friendly’ initiatives, spending billions for the military to combat climate change. Instead of highlighting the evils of the Chinese government, this bill lets China off the hook for lying to the United States about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, costing millions of lives worldwide.”

“It is time to stop playing politics while the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to our economy and national security increases with each passing day. We must put America first, not China.”