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The Latest

Van Drew Campaign Fires Back at Governor Murphy on Electoral College Vote

“It’s good to see Phil Murphy taking a break from killing seniors in nursing homes and destroying our friends and neighbors’ livelihoods long enough to refer to hundreds of thousands of his constituents as crackpot conspiracy theorists simply because they want to have the confidence he continues to deny them in the outcome of our […]

Van Drew to Challenge Electoral College Certification

Over the last few months, tens of millions of Americans have raised legitimate questions and concerns about the manner in which we conduct our elections. Did Governors have the constitutional authority to unilaterally change election laws without the approval of their respective state legislatures? How accurate were the voter rolls that were used to send […]

Congratulate Van Drew for His One Year Anniversary

One year ago, Jeff Van Drew walked away from the Democrat Party and joined the Republican Party. Jeff has always fought for a Strong America and now he is proud to do so as a REPUBLICAN.  Sign our congratulatory card below to thank Congressman Jeff Van Drew for joining the Republican party!

Support Van Drew

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t BULLY him! A Kennedy couldn’t BEAT him! Now, the Radical Left wants to UNSEAT him in Congress for STANDING with President Trump! Sign on today to DEFEND Jeff from the UNHINGED DEMOCRATS who are trying to disenfranchise South Jersey voters by removing him from Congress!

Standing Against Phil Murphy

Team Van Drew is AGAINST Phil Murphy Shutting Down New Jersey. Sign the Petition to say NO to Phil Murphy’s 2nd shut down!

Op-Ed: One year after I changed parties, the Democrats continue to hit new lows.

One year ago, I sat next to President Trump in the Oval Office and announced that I would be walking away from the Democrat Party and becoming a Republican. It was a truly historic decision in that it marked the first time a member of Congress had left the majority party and joined the minority […]