Van Drew Introduces Resolution To Condemn President Biden’s Threat to Withhold Aid to Israel

May 13, 2024 — Congressman Van Drew introduced a resolution condemning President Biden’s threat to withhold aid to our ally Israel. On April 23rd, Congress approved a $26.3 billion package of aid and military assistance to be sent to Israel to bolster their defense against the relentless aggression of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Now, President Biden has turned his back on this agreement by delaying these shipments of vital support to Israel due to its advancement into Rafah, one of Hamas’ last military strongholds.

“Even the threat of withholding essential aid and military assistance to our steadfast ally, Israel, is completely unacceptable,” said Congressman Van Drew. “This cowardly decision not only jeopardizes Israel’s security but also undermines our longstanding commitment of supporting the only democracy in the Middle East. It is no secret that Biden’s souring on his stance towards Israel is a direct result of his radical and anti-Semitic base threatening to not support him in the upcoming presidential election. By attempting to withhold Congressionally approved aid, President Biden sends a dangerous message that will only serve to embolden Israel’s adversaries and weaken America’s dominance on the world stage by showing that we will abandon our allies when they need us most. He must immediately clarify his comments, ensure that aid is delivered with haste to Israel, and make clear that Israel has America’s unwavering support in its fight against Hamas.”

Click here to read the full text of the resolution.