Van Drew Responds to Atlantic City Housing Authority Claims

April 26, 2024 — Congressman Van Drew addressed claims by the Atlantic City Housing Authority (the Authority) that they tried and failed to schedule a meeting with his office and asked for assistance with Section 8 housing vouchers. Our records indicate no attempt from the Authority to contact our office to discuss the ongoing health and safety crisis at Stanley Holmes Village. The Congressman personally visited Stanley Holmes Village on March 15th, which provided a chance for an open and honest conversation, yet the Authority neglected the opportunity.

“Last night’s Authority meeting clearly showcased their eagerness to shift the blame and evade responsibility,” said Congressman Van Drew. “The Chair’s claim of seeking a meeting with us, yet failing to secure one, is a blatant lie. While they have utterly failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety and health standards of their residents, with residents still living with mold and leaky pipes, they continue to make excuses for their incompetence. They prioritize self-preservation over the well-being of the residents and continue to shift blame instead of finding solutions.”

Our office remains ready and willing to engage in meaningful discussion with the Authority to assist the residents in any way we can. At this moment in time, we cannot discuss any ongoing investigations into their actions or inactions. They are welcome to email, call, or mail our office with any request to schedule a meeting.