Van Drew Previews President Biden’s State of the Union Address

March 7, 2024 — Congressman Van Drew released the following preview of President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight, Joe Biden will attempt to convince the American people that the State of our Union is strong. However, given his 38% approval rating, ongoing record inflation, an open border, and wars raging around the world, we know that is far from the truth.

“He will claim that his presidency has been successful and that he has made life better for the average American.

“He will try to convince you that Bidenomics is effective, and that Americans are better off economically than they were four years ago. 

“He will try to say that he has done everything he can to secure our border, that the Senate border bill was the strongest border bill we have seen, and Republicans are the ones who don’t want to fix the crisis.

“He will advocate for the total abandonment of reliable energy sources in favor of his Green New Deal agenda.

“He will tell you not to believe your lying eyes. He will try to sell you an alternate reality from what you see every day.

“So, let’s talk about the facts—the reality of what his administration is doing to this country.

“Joe Biden’s border crisis is unprecedented in scope and is a result of his own irresponsible policies.

“On day one of being in office, Joe Biden dismantled strong Trump-era border policies that helped keep our nation safe and our border secure.

“His administration even bragged about it.

“And what has happened since? Nearly 9 million illegal immigrants have traveled to our southern border. In fact, the number of illegals that have entered since Joe Biden took office would rank as the 12th biggest state in the country, just behind my state of New Jersey.

“The American people overwhelmingly agree that our border crisis is the number one issue facing our nation.

“Yet, instead of preserving our country’s sovereignty and protecting the American public, Joe Biden and his ‘Border Czar’, Kamala Harris, have refused to take any meaningful action to secure our border, and instead chooses to travel to the border a week before his address for a photo-op.

“President Biden has completely ignored the crisis at our southern border for the entirety of his presidency, and we are witnessing the detrimental consequences of his dereliction of duty every day.

“He may even try to pass blame onto Republicans, calling for the passage of his terrible Senate border bill.

“This bill does not build the wall, does not end catch and release, does not include Remain in Mexico, and keeps incentives in place that will continue to draw millions of illegals to our border.

“House Republicans already passed H.R. 2, the strongest border security bill ever passed. If President Biden is serious about protecting Americans, he would have acted quickly to move H.R. 2 through the Senate where it has been collecting dust on Chuck Schumer’s desk for over 300 days.

“The longer he refuses to act, the more taxpayer dollars will be wasted on housing and healthcare for illegal immigrants, and the longer crime will run rampant.

“We just witnessed the tragedy of an illegal immigrant, who was allowed to enter into our country, commit crimes, and then walk free in our America, murder Laken Riley, an innocent nursing student just wanting to go for a run.

“We just witnessed the tragedy of an illegal immigrant under the influence, crashing into Washington State Trooper, Christopher Gadd, killing him instantly.

“These are the real world results of being weak on the border and weak on crime. Every American killed by an illegal immigrant is a preventable tragedy.

“Joe Biden and his administration have no one to blame but themselves.

“This administration has made every American less safe.

“He ran a campaign advocating for the defunding of our police, and under his leadership we have seen liberal district attorneys and prosecutors refuse to do their job and lock up criminals, which has had catastrophic effects nationwide.

“Americans feel unsafe walking the streets of our cities, law enforcement feels abandoned by Democratic leaders, and many of America’s greatest cities are descending into chaos.

“His policies aren’t just making Americans less safe. They are plunging families into financial despair.

“Let’s talk about the reality of Bidenomics: since Joe Biden took office, prices have surged 17.9%, costing Americans an additional $1,000 a month, while real wage growth has fallen behind inflation.

“You are paying more across the board, your wages are decreasing, and monthly home payments are so high that homeownership is quickly becoming unattainable to many.

“Yet, the president continues to tout Bidenomics by using selective data to compare today’s current economy to when our country was in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic as proof of his success.

“But you see your bank accounts, your grocery bills, and your monthly energy bills: everything is more expensive, and every month is more painful than the last. You all know the truth: Bidenomics has failed Americans.

“While his economic policies continue to force Americans to run through their savings, President Biden also wants to increase our energy prices by forcing his Green New Deal agenda on the American people.

“He wants you to get rid of your gas car, he wants to get rid of your gas stove, and if it wasn’t for pushback from House Republicans and you, the American people, he would’ve already done it.

“And as bad as his domestic agenda has been, somehow, his foreign policy is even worse.

“His weakness on the world stage and strategy of appeasement towards our enemies has sparked wars across the world and left many of our allies wary of America’s ability to continue being the defender of the free world.

“Joe Biden has had a failed presidency. He is a failed president.

“Do not let him tell you anything different tonight. You and I both know that we are far worse off today than we were four years ago.

“But we, the American people, can reverse course and reject his America-last policies.

“We can ensure our Union returns to where it should be, and where it has been: the strongest, proudest nation the world has ever seen. Our shining city on the hill.  

“God Bless all of you, and God Bless America.”