Van Drew Slams Gov. Murphy After Announcement of Ex-Staffer to Head New Offshore Wind Advocacy Group

January 22, 2024 — Congressman Van Drew slammed Governor Murphy after reporting that his former acting deputy chief of staff will lead a new offshore wind advocacy group, the New Jersey Offshore Wind Alliance, and sent the Governor and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) a letter questioning an emergency meeting set for this week to approve additional offshore wind projects. 

“Despite numerous lawsuits, public forums, hearings, and rallies all across the state of New Jersey, Governor Murphy continues to ignore the will of the people and only cares about lining the pockets of offshore wind corporations. The people of South Jersey have made it clear: we do not want our coasts to be industrialized by massive offshore wind farms,” said Congressman Van Drew. 

“I will continue to fight these projects and mobilize local and state officials to ensure that any future projects are halted, just like Orsted canceled Ocean Wind,” added Congressman Van Drew. “Offshore wind proponents may have more resources and funds to advocate for their Green New Deal agenda and try to convince the public that wind energy is the future, but at what cost? It will be controlled by foreign nations, it will destroy tourism and local businesses in the state, energy prices will rise, and these groups still refuse to conduct analyses on the long-term effects these projects will have on our environment and marine life. The people of South Jersey will not let Governor Murphy continue forward with these projects without a fight. We, the people, are asking him for once to do the right thing for the people of his state.” Click here to read the letter.