Van Drew Demands Answers from Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas Regarding Illegal Migrants Being Bused into New Jersey

January 1, 2024 — Over the weekend, Congressman Van Drew learned from multiple law enforcement officials that ten buses from Texas and Louisiana brought illegal migrants to the state of New Jersey. This week, Congressman Van Drew will be demanding answers from Governor Murphy and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on whether there are additional buses that will be relocating illegal migrants to New Jersey.

“It is crystal clear that the crisis at our southern border is not just a border state problem. Governor Murphy has continued to show a complete lack of leadership in the state of New Jersey and has opened the door for our state to become overrun by illegal immigration. We are all border states now,” said Congressman Van Drew. “South Jersey will continue to make it fully known to the Governor that we refuse to face the same fate as New York City, which has been forced to cut public safety and education funding in order to feed and provide housing to individuals who crossed our border illegally. Governor Murphy must make it clear that New Jersey is not a sanctuary state and I want to make this abundantly clear: illegal migrants are not welcome in South Jersey.”In addition to Governor Murphy’s refusal to fight for the safety and security of New Jerseyans, the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies are also to blame. Secretary Mayorkas continues to aid and abet the collapse and takeover of our southern border through his gross mishandling and lack of action as Secretary. Now I am demanding that he answer to the people of New Jersey on whether the administration intends to have additional buses sent to our state, how much this will cost the taxpayer, and whether there is any plan to mitigate the continual influx of migrants at the border. I will be sending letters to both Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas this week demanding that they provide answers to these questions and face complete accountability for their actions.”