Van Drew: “You Don’t Get to Punch the People of New Jersey in the Face and then Expect Us to Say Thank You for It”

June 28, 2023 — United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who has twice now called on the New Jersey state legislature to reject a multi-billion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout of greedy foreign energy companies, hammered home his opposition to A-5651 & S-4019 ahead of the final Senate and Assembly votes.   

“Installing hundreds of thousand-foot-tall wind turbines over millions of acres with flashing lights on top will forever transform and industrialize our coastline on a scale you could have never even imagined,” said United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew. “We know that our marine mammals are washing ashore and dying at alarming if not record rates. We know that you won’t just be able to see these offshore wind turbines, but they’ll be close enough that you’ll actually be able to hear them. We know that our recreational and commercial fishing industries will be decimated and that our economy stands to lose BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars a year from Cape May all the way up to Sandy Hook. We know that the Pentagon has serious navigational and national security concerns with these offshore wind farms. We know that whatever energy actually is generated off our coast will be controlled by foreign governments. We know that utility bills across our state are going to skyrocket and then, to add insult to injury, we’re going to as a result of this legislation send the money intended to mitigate the impact of those rate increases on working families in New Jersey overseas to subsidize the harm being inflicted upon us by greedy foreign owned energy companies. You don’t get to punch the people of New Jersey in the face and then expect us to say thank you for it!