Van Drew Announces Historic Expansion of Internet Services in South Jersey

June 16, 2023 — Congressman Van Drew announced that South Jersey has been awarded a $24,000,000 grant as part of the Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program. This money will be used to build broadband internet infrastructure in Cumberland County and Salem County. This is a significant step that will allow residents who previously had slow internet or no internet access at all the ability to utilize high-speed broadband connections.

“I am thrilled to announce a massive investment in the telecommunications infrastructure of South Jersey on behalf of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration,” said Congressman Van Drew. “This $24,000,000 grant will allow high-speed broadband connections to be constructed in Cumberland County and Salem County, two areas which previously had little or no high-speed internet connection, with the potential to expand into all of South Jersey.

“This investment will directly enhance the lives of underserved and unserved residents of Cumberland County and Salem County in a multitude of ways. Access to high-speed broadband connections will greatly improve public services such as education, healthcare, and emergency response. Along with improvements to quality of life, this investment will also lower prices by spurring competition among local providers and increase employment opportunities for South Jerseyans in the area,” added Congressman Van Drew.

“This is an historic joint endeavor between Salem and Cumberland Counties involving the expansion of internet services in Southern New Jersey, focusing on areas in both Counties that have long been devoid of internet access. During the pandemic we realized many residents had no connection or very limited access to the internet.  Our goal is simple, to ensure all the residents of Salem and Cumberland have consistent internet service. This project is not just win for Salem County and Cumberland County, it is a win for South Jersey. We greatly appreciate all the help provided by Congressman Van Drew and his staff to ensure Salem and Cumberland Counties receive the financial award to make this all possible,” said Salem County Commissioner Director Ben Laury.“As Cumberland County Commissioner Director, I am excited about possibilities for the future of Cumberland and Salem Counties. I thank all those who worked diligently to obtain this Grant with Special thanks to Congressman Van Drew and his staff. We will continue to be as completely transparent as possible, we will seek and allow public input and participation in the acceptance process,” said Cumberland County Commissioner Director Douglas A. Albrecht.