Van Drew Demands State and Federal Legislators REJECT an American Taxpayer Bailout of Greedy Foreign Energy Companies

June 13, 2023 — As rumors continue to swirl that foreign energy companies are going to be looking to the Biden Administration in Washington and Governors like Phil Murphy here in New Jersey to further subsidize their plans to industrialize our coastline with Green New Deal style wind farms, United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew is calling on local, state, and federal officials to preemptively shoot them down.  

“Under absolutely no circumstances should hard working middle class families – whether it’s here in South Jersey or anywhere across America – be forced to bailout the greedy foreign energy companies and their failing Green New Deal ventures which continue to put our wildlife in danger, our economy at risk, and our national security in jeopardy,” said United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew. “I am calling on my colleagues in Washington as well as those at every level of government here in New Jersey to stand up, speak out, and join me in doing everything we can not only to stop this blatant corporate welfare, but to claw back any previous subsidies they may have received. We need to put the American people ahead foreign millionaires and billionaires and ensure American energy independence for generations to come – the time for choosing is now.”