Congressman Van Drew Votes NO on Debt Ceiling “Deal”

June 1, 2023 — Congressman Van Drew voted NO on the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which did not live up to conservative expectations set with the passage of the Limit, Save, Grow Act

“I truly appreciate the hard work and effort that Republican leadership put into trying to foster a deal between the White House and Republicans. However, our country’s spending is barreling us towards economic disaster, and this final agreement did not include enough spending cuts, something which the majority of Americans wanted in a debt ceiling lift, and did not include conservative priorities that the people elected us to deliver,” said Congressman Van Drew. 

“This bill: 

“At the end of the day, the Limit, Save, Grow Act included priorities that would have gotten our country back on a good economic path. The so-called Fiscal Responsibility Act was too much of a concession to Joe Biden’s wishes. I could not have, in good conscience, voted for this bill after hearing the concerns from thousands of my constituents who elected me to serve their best interests in Congress.”