March 23, 2023 —Congressman Van Drew (R-NJ) introduced the Agent Orange Veterans Service Medal Act alongside his colleague, Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT), to honor our nation’s veterans who have suffered from long-term side effects from Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. 

“Exposure to Agent Orange has left thousands of brave veterans with lifelong health impacts. Honoring the sacrifices they made in the defense of democracy right here at home, and across the world, is the least our country can do,” said Congressman Van Drew. “As members of Congress, it is our duty to continue supporting and honoring these veterans, and ensure that their contributions do not go unnoticed. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to recognize these selfless individuals, and I thank Congressman Courtney for joining me in leading this effort.”

“The PACT Act made some long-awaited progress in extending care and benefits to thousands of newly qualified veterans impacted by Agent Orange during the course of their service, but there’s still much more that needs to be done to ensure that every veteran gets the care they deserve. While we press that work forward, we should ensure we’re doing all we can to support and express our nation’s gratitude towards veterans with established Agent Orange service-connected injuries. The Agent Orange Service Medal Act would take a big step towards doing that, and would help provide America’s veterans and their families with a tangible token of our nation’s enduring gratitude for their service and sacrifices. I’m glad to join Congressman Van Drew as a co-sponsor of this bipartisan bill, and I will never stop working to provide our veterans and their families with the full range of support they deserve,” said Congressman Courtney.


Agent Orange was a powerful and harmful herbicide used to clear dense vegetation during the Vietnam War. It contained a toxic chemical, dioxin, which has been linked to various health problems in U.S. veterans that served during the war. These veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange during their time in Vietnam have reported a wide range of long-term health problems, including cancers and neurological disorders. The U.S. government has already recognized the link between Agent Orange exposure and certain health problems and provide benefits to these veterans who suffer from these conditions. The Agent Orange Veterans Service Medal Act honors these veterans. 

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