Save Jersey: Republicans Overtake Dems in NJ-02 Voter Registration

July 1, 2022 — Republicans just reached a major milestone in South Jersey.

It’s been approximately 20 years since the GOP had a registration advantage in the Second Congressional District, but newly released data from the Secretary of State finds the party of Jeff Van Drew now boasting a roughly 2,000 voter edge over the Democrats in the sprawling Southern N.J. battleground district.

The new totals: 180,546 Democrats and 182,262 Republicans.

That’s a nearly 20,000 voter registrant swing since Election Day 2020 when Democrats held a roughly 18,000 advantage.

Redistricting helped, but only about half of the GOP surge is attributable to pulling in more of Ocean County; the trendline in NJ-02 dates back to the end of the Trump Administration which, of course, came about not long in time after Congressman Van Drew’s party switch to the GOP.

Over the last 18 months, Democrats have gained only 5,000 new voters to Republicans’ 25,000.

Nationwide, a million voters have switched from the Democrats to the Republican Party over the last year.