April 5, 2022 — Congressman Van Drew issued a statement on President Biden deciding to end Title 42, our strongest illegal immigration deterrent, when there is a surging number of illegal immigrants infiltrating the United States and making their way past border patrol agents. 

“Just last month, over 62,000 illegal immigrants escaped past Border Patrol agents and made their way into the United States,” said Congressman Van Drew. “That is over 2,000 illegal immigrants who infiltrate our country daily, and these are only the ones that are reported. Our border patrol agents are overwhelmed, and now President Biden has announced that he will be ending Title 42 – our strongest illegal immigration deterrent. Just in February, over half of the illegal immigrants encountered at our southern border were expelled under Title 42.”

“Just two weeks ago, Biden officials indicated that the United States would see a ‘mass migration event’ if COVID policies ended, including Title 42,” added Congressman Van Drew. “Now, President Biden finds it appropriate to end Title 42, but has put forth no indication of a replacement deterrent to curb illegal immigrants entering into the country. On top of the surge in illegal immigrants being encountered at our southern border, there have been over 3,600 arrests of illegal migrants with criminal records. President Biden is not putting the American people first by allowing illegal immigrants to commit violent acts in their home country and then be able to travel freely into the United States. President Biden must wake up and protect our country’s borders.”

“Congress must act to stop this, which is why I have joined H.R. 7359 as a co-sponsor, which will extend Title 42 to ensure that our strongest illegal immigration deterrent stays in place.”

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