Van Drew Fundraising Committees Enter 2022 with $1 Million Total Cash on Hand after Raising $600K in Q4 & Crushing 2021 Goals

January 31, 2022 — New Jersey’s Trump-Endorsed Conservative Congressman Jeff Van Drew announced today that the combined haul for his fundraising committees exceeded $600K in the 4th Quarter which pushed his total 2021 fundraising over the $2M mark and brought the committees’ total cash on hand to more than $1 Million collectively. 

“Congressman Van Drew is honored and excited to once again be running with President Trump’s “total and complete endorsement,” said Van Drew’s Campaign Manager Ron Filan. “Our campaign is headed into 2022 in an even stronger position than we were two years ago when Congressman Van Drew famously became the first Republican ever to defeat a member of the Kennedy Political Machine at the Federal level. New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, while still very competitive, has become more favorable for Republicans and just when you think President Biden’s approval ratings have hit rock bottom his Administration somehow finds a way to reach even more historic lows.”

Van Drew’s campaign has already invested more than $100K in party infrastructure, keeping its 2020 campaign offices open and additional contributions to committees at the local, state, and federal levels to help Republicans up and down the ballot in 2021 and preparing for 2022.