Van Drew Unloads on Murphy for Ramping Up Vaccine Mandates by Adding Boosters and Eliminating the Testing Options for Healthcare Workers and Corrections Officers

January 19, 2022 — United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew released the following statement blasting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for his decision to impose one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country by eliminating a weekly testing option for healthcare workers as well as corrections officers and instituting a new state policy that amounts to ‘get vaccinated or get fired.’ 

“How many people need to lose their lives and livelihoods on Phil Murphy’s watch before he stops playing political games and putting his national political ambitions ahead of the health, safety, and welfare of the people he literally just took an oath to protect,” asked Van Drew who is also a member of the House Republican Doctors Caucus. “Let’s be clear, this is the same Governor who was praising these same people he now wants to fire as “front line heroes” and had no problem packing thousands of Covid positive patients into nursing homes killing thousands of our state’s most vulnerable residents and ultimately leading our state to have the highest Covid-19 death rate per capita anywhere on the entire planet. Murphy’s latest executive order has absolutely nothing to do with science and everything to do with flexing his political power well beyond its Constitutional limits which is why the State Senate and State Assembly should immediately vote to repeal this executive order or be forced to justify it to their constituents who will soon be feeling its chilling effects.”