Congressman Van Drew on Biden’s Plans to Pay Millions to Illegal Immigrants:
“This Administration is Not America First, It Is America Last”

Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement on the Biden Administration’s plans on paying millions to illegal migrant families who were separated at our southern border. 

“It is amazing how this administration can continue to put illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens,” said Congressman Van Drew. “If a parent and child were separated at our southern border, which they traveled to knowing that they would not be given a free one-way pass in, they could receive almost $1 million from the United States government. Our country welcomes immigrants, but they must go through our legal process and follow the rule of law. We cannot allow a precedent to be set where illegal immigrants can travel to our borders, be flown all over our country and provided free housing, and then get a check worth more than what most Americans make in their lifetimes. This administration is not America first, it is America last. President Biden cares more about giving handouts than ensuring we have a stable economy for Americans to thrive and a strong border to protect our citizens and national security. I hope this administration comes to its senses before we lose the America we know and love.”