Congressman Van Drew’s Statement on Surfaced Videos of Governor Murphy’s Vaccine Mandate Stance

Today, Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement on recent recordings that surfaced alleging that Governor Phil Murphy plans on mandating vaccines following the upcoming election. 
“If Governor Murphy truly cared about the health of New Jersey residents and believed that vaccine mandates could keep our community safe, he would implement the mandates now, not after the election,” said Congressman Van Drew. “This is clearly a political move; he knows Democrats are losing momentum across the country. People are tired – they are tired of government overreach; they are tired of being told what they can and cannot do. Governor Murphy realizes he cannot win an election if he continues inserting himself in individuals’ personal health decisions.
“COVID cases are decreasing, states are opening back up, and the decision by Governor Murphy to wait until after the election to impose vaccine mandates is nothing short of a political maneuver. Governor Murphy is fully aware that his policies are unpopular amongst undecided and independent voters, and now he is doing everything he can to maintain power. A Governor has the responsibility of the safety and well-being of his residents, and this revelation proves that Governor Murphy is acting disingenuous. If he was concerned about public safety, he would mandate vaccines now, and not wait until he’s guaranteed four more years in office. We must always put our constituents first, and this game Governor Murphy is playing indicates that New Jerseyans are not his number one priority.”